About Sahakari

The ancient Indian scripture Rigveda postulates that when the hearts of all individuals unit together with common mind and a common goal any work can be carried out with higher degree of efficiency. Essence of this spirit can be traced even in the meaning of Co-operation which stress the principle Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu Mathrubhoomi Souharda Sahakari Ltd is an autonomous association of common persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic,Social and cultural needs and aspiration through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. Our organization has a duly elected Board of directors, dedicated members and well trained staffs. It is a family of honest, loyal and committed professionals harmoniously employing technology to achieve members delight and human touch which is the corner stone of success. Our focus is on for sustainable long term growth. Our motto is to be strong, sound and leading organization in the cooperative sector and to be the back bone for the rural financial sector of Karnataka. Through the efficient management of the organization it would aspire to function as a professional, profitable and socially responsible cooperative organization ensuring the best service to his stakeholders and member by providing good value for their money and thereby ensure accelerated development of rural Karnataka. Corporate social responsibility has been embedded in our approach to business since our formation with our open and honest service to our stakeholders and member this approach ensures that we continue to earn stakeholders and member trust and deliver a sustainable business. We always try to enhance our member satisfaction levels and we are always looking to put our members at the heart of what we do. The prosperity of our members is the engine of our success and they will find in us a fast, timely, flexible, co-operative and family friend in their progress. We shall reach out to our members anywhere and anytime to make their dealing with us a pleasure. We shall warmly welcome them into our office or take our services to their doorsteps. We are committed to approachability, simplicity and transparency in our dealings with all our stakeholders, member shall be a temple of their trust.


With the punch line Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu, we pointing towards prosperity of common people and thereby ensuring happiness of the common people. With a multipurpose co-operative working environment towards creating a better, fairer relationship and to enhance the lives of our stakeholders, members, customers, partners and the community we serve.


  • To encourage savings, self help and co-operation among members
  • To build a better society by excelling in our service we do
  • To provide a range of social and financial services to our members
  • To offer services to the best satisfaction of the members and stakeholders.
  • Transparency in all dealings with the members and stakeholders
  • Training the employees to render the best possible professional and pleasing services
  • Ensure fair returns to the members and contribute to their general welfare

Board of Directors

President : Sri Bhaskar Devasya
Vice President : Sri.K.T.Suvarna Thokkotu
Managing Director: Krishana Kompadavu

Board of Members

Sri.B.Nagaraj Shetty
Sridar Rao
P. Padmanaba Rao
Sri.Bhaskara V Shetty,Moodperara
Sri.Venkatesh Navada,Polali
Sri.Poovappa Kundar,Moodubidre
Smt.Vidya Kamath,Puthige