Members Saving Account

Any individual with single a/c, or two or more in joint account, clubs and associations, any registered or unregistered bodies can open savings bank account more popularly known as SB account. The savings account can be also open by students, senior citizen, pensioners and so on.

Members Current Account

Any small, medium, large enterprenurer who have a higher number of regular transactions with a bank. It includes deposits withdrawals and contra transaction, it also known as demand deposit account. The customer allows withdrawing a cheques and they usually do not get interest.

Members Deposit

Members Fixed Deposit

46 days to 90 days 5%
91 days to 180 days 6%
181 days to 365 days 8%
13 months to 18 months 9%
19 months to 24 months 9.5%
25 months to 36 months 10%
More than 36 months 10.50%

Bhagyalaxmi Cash Certificate Scheme

Members Chankya Deposit

Members Nithya Nidhi Scheme